Catherine Nygaard
Head of Design & Research; Net-a-porter & Mr. Porter


Catherine Nygaard is Head of Design and Research for Net-a-porter and Mr Porter, where she oversees all web, mobile and emerging platforms for the two luxury brands- currently concentrating on where content, data and commerce intersect.

Before that she was a Design Director at Spotify helping to scale their design team operationally and functionally- and prior to that she was Executive Creative Director at Method Design Studios.

Her passion lies in never giving up on doing the best design and product thinking, iterating on how we use research and data, and growing teams into happy and collaborative ones

Talk Details

Fashion vs Data : Who has the authority? 

Fashion has always been an industry that has built their business on being the authority. The authority in trends, the authority on what to wear, who to follow and what to buy. But in a competitive space that focuses on putting the customer first, how do fashion brands shift to meet customer demands - and how do we balance this in data driven design?