The UK Chapter of the User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) is a not-for-profit organisation run exclusively by volunteers. We are affiliated with the International UXPA. We bring together UK professionals who share a vision of creating compelling technology that meets users’ needs, desires and abilities. These professionals come from a broad family of disciplines such as user-centred design, research, and human factors.

Through our events and other work, we:

  • Provide UX practitioners with opportunities for learning and professional growth
  • Champion the benefits of user-centred design techniques and approaches

Our Chapter is governed by some policies and bylaws of UXPA International, but has enough freedom to define many of its processes and policies.  All of our bylaws are described in our Constitution, which was ratified in July 2013. As a volunteer organisation, we do our best to support the community. Participation from, and collaboration with, the community is crucial.